Drive Good

Our commitment to our customers, our communities and our environment.

We’ve been part of Western Washington for nearly 50 years.

We love it here. From Bellevue to Bellingham, Puyallup to Port Townsend, we know what makes this place special. It's our partners, friends, and everyone else doing their part to preserve our beautiful home.

In keeping with the spirit of Western Washington,

We’re joining the effort through a philosophy we call, Drive Good™. What does it mean to Drive Good™? It means thinking about every mile you drive and how it impacts the planet. Honda is at the forefront of engineering reliable vehicles that are affordable and fun to drive.

On the flip side,

Drive Good™ also means hanging up your car keys and choosing to walk, ride your bike, or take the Sounder, instead. Even though we’re a car company, we’re okay with that. We’ll even support and applaud you for doing so.

Essentially, Drive Good™ all comes down to this: If you have to drive, drive a Honda. It’s good for you. It’s good for the environment. It’s good for everything Western Washington stands for. Let’s all Drive Good™ together.

Washington Trails Association

One of the best ways to experience our natural beauty is along one of the many trails that wind through the state. The mission of Washington Trails Association is to preserve these trails and make them accessible to everyone. As fans of nature and exploration, we're proud to join WTA and offer a complimentary WTA membership with every new Honda. After all, the best way to get to the trail is in a Honda.

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Cascade Bicycle Club

Whether you're riding on four wheels or two, passing bikes safely makes the ride safer for everyone. That's why we're partnering with Cascade Bicycle Club. Just like it's our mission to make driving safe and fun, it's their mission to make biking safe and fun. Working together, we can educate everyone on the rules of the road, help our communities thrive, and unite drivers and bikers, once and for all.

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Passport to the Northwest

Join Carly Henderson and Honda for an unforgettable journey through Western Washington. From breathtaking mountain vistas to winding forest paths, Carly takes the wheel of her trusted Honda and explores the Pacific Northwest. Be sure to tune in to Studio 13 Live for her next adventure. And discover how Honda's exceptional engineering and reliability make it the perfect vehicle for all your on and off-road adventures.

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